Sukematsu Breakthrough

I had a bit of a breakthrough this weekend.  One particular taiko song, Sukematsu, has been the bane of my existence lately.  The song’s full name is Oedo Sukeroku Matsuri Taiko.  It’s a very dynamic song, played with the taiko on sukeroku stands, and all of the myriad movements ended up confusing me far far more than they should have.  Taiko-sensei wants us to perform this on June 18th in Millennium Park, so she had us running through it over and over and over this weekend … and lo and behold it finally started sinking in!

Also, yesterday I decided to start cataloging the various songs on my collection of taiko performance DVDs.  Imagine my surprise when I found Sukematsu on not one but both of my Tsukasa Taiko DVDs!  I must’ve repressed that, because I honestly do not remember it being on either of those.  With DVD recordings of those two performances, I’ll certainly be ready to perform Sukematsu on the 18th.  Yay!

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